The Executive Advisory Board 2024 Planning Guide for Cybersecurity CMOs

Get more sizzle in your marketing plans for 2024 with an Executive Advisory Board

It’s budget season again, and this year CMOs are facing a 2024 budget season that includes new levels of economic uncertainty.  As marketing teams are sharpening their (virtual) pencils to try to figure out how to get the biggest bang for what will probably be a dwindling pile of bucks, we have some advice for CMOs facing some hard decisions.

For every senior marketing executive trying to figure out how to drive more business with less money, we’d suggest investing in an Executive Advisory Board.

 Here’s why Advisory Boards are the best investment you can make with your marketing dollars:

Get above the noise level

You don’t need a budget big enough to drown out all the other vendors in your market space. You just need to reach the executives in the key accounts that will drive the majority of your growth next year.

This is particularly challenging for cybersecurity vendors. With over 3700 vendors in 17 categories, even the largest, most established vendors struggle to break through the rising levels of vendor noise.

Admittedly, getting to C-level execs isn’t easy. The people who set strategy and sign purchase orders have layers of filters to screen out vendor marketing. They have to because they are literally deluged with marketing and sales requests,

So how does a savvy CMO with limited dollars get above the noise level with the 15 – 20 hard to reach people who can really help their business grow in 2024? Our customers tell us that the best way to accomplish this is with a face-to-face, multi-day Executive Advisory Board.

Juice up your cross sell and upsell strategies with peer-to-peer executive endorsements

We’re sure your executive communication strategies are exemplary (cough, cough) and you have regular and nuanced discussions with the key executives that mean the most to your business.

We can promise you that none of your carefully crafted executive content works as well as a CISO listening to his or her peer discussing the value of your solution in their environment.

It’s not hard to understand why an endorsement from a peer carries more weight than anything from a vendor.

We have a hard time understanding why most marketing teams don’t do anything to deliberately create environments where these peer-to-peer discussions can spontaneously take place.

Get unvarnished competitive insights

Executive Advisory Boards can have a profound impact on product plans. If you’re a marketing executive who’s trying to figure out how to inject some pizazz (or just a dose of reality) into your next product launch, we’ve got the answer.

The quickest way to determine if your product launch is going to fizzle or sizzle is with an Executive Advisory Board. 

From insights on emerging industry and technology case studies to direct feedback on your product delivery and support programs, Executive Advisory Boards can provide your team with unfiltered feedback from the technology executives with the broadest view of their organizations business and technology priorities.

Your product teams can gather kudos and/or as much cold, hard truth as they can handle. It’s not unusual for Advisory Boards to have an immediate impact on the trajectory of the product, sales and support strategies of our customers.

These discussions may not always be for the faint of heart, but this is the best way to inject unfiltered feedback on product launch and product positioning plans before your spend a bunch of your budget on go-to-market strategies.

 If you’re planning a product launch next year, this kind of feedback is simply invaluable.

Why wait?

Executive Advisory Boards are really the Swiss army knife of marketing programs because they can help you hit your growth and revenue goals in many ways. We’ve listed just a few of them here, but there are many more.

Why not take a minute to chat with us about how we can help you hit your 2024 goals.